Toni Avant

Director – Under the director’s guidance, the Career Center is prepared to offer the best career assistance possible. Toni is responsible for managing the Career Center’s staff, budget, and overall recruiting and career services activities and operations. She also serves as the Career Center’s liaison with on- and off-campus constituents, assists students through individual counseling appointments, and offers support to the staff instructors of Career and Life Planning.

Cathy Kegley

Senior Administrative Secretary – Cathy provides operations support in the administration of the department. She is responsible for scheduling student appointments, processing assessment payments, coordinating activities of the office, maintaining financial records, preparing reports, and maintaining inventory. Cathy coordinates the fiscal affairs of the department and monitors budget expenditures.

Assistant Director of Career Development – Mark directs the career activities of the Career Center. His responsibilities include coordinating and promoting outreach programs, supervising the Career Planning Specialist, and supervising graduate students. He also assists students with career development issues by providing counseling, administering assessments, and teaching a section of Career and Life Planning.


Janna Coleman

Career Planning Specialist – Janna coaches individuals concerning career and educational objectives, and she assists students with career planning and job search issues. Her responsibilities include administering, interpreting, and evaluating career assessment instruments. In addition to conducting mock interviews and resume critiques, Janna develops and conducts workshops and presentations on career-related topics. Like several other staff members, she also teaches a section of the Career and Life Planning course.


Jonathan Harrington, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Employer Services – Jonathan Harrington directs all the recruiting aspects of the Career Center. This includes supervising the on-campus interview program, employer services, and career fairs. Jonathan also provides assistance to students in their self-directed job searches and instructs a section of Career and Life Planning, EDHE 301. He serves as the immediate supervisor for the Recruiting Coordinator and the Student Placement Specialist.

Casey Cockrell Stuart, Ph.D.

Assistant Director of Employer Services– Casey coordinates Career Day, Teacher Recruitment Day, Engineering Career Day, and Pharmacy Recruitment Day, and local, part-time employment opportunities through the Job Location and Development program. She serves as the liaison between the Career Center and the School of Education, and teaches a section of Career and Life Planning. Casey serves as a supervisor to the JLD Graduate Assistant.


Christy Wright

Recruiting Coordinator -- Christy is responsible for employer activities and a variety of services to students and employers that include on-campus interviews, information sessions, and job posting's for both full-time positions and internships. Christy supervises the InterNet program which assists students with the Internship/ Co-op search process. She is also the Career Center liaison with faculty and administrators to publicize career opportunities for students via e-mail or other marketing avenues. Christy corresponds with potential employers, collects employer information, and coordinates the employer literature library. She is responsible for scheduling and planning the daily operations of the on-campus interview program. Christy also manages the Career Center webpage and all social media for The Career Center.

For more information about on-campus recruiting, internships, or webpage information contact Christy at 662-915-7174 or christy(at)

Peer Educators
Each spring, the Career Center selects a group of student leaders to serve as Peer Career Educators. These Peers provide clerical support for the front office and are trained to assist students with resumes, cover letters, and general job search issues. They also make career-related presentations on campus and assist with special events.

Recruiting Assistants
Each year, one student is selected to work with the recruiting staff to help with recruiting activities. These activities include: employer services; maintaining recruiting literature; Career Day; classroom presentations; monitoring on information sessions; and any other activity related to employer services.

Graduate Assistants and Practicum
The Career Center frequently employs graduate students from the Masters in Higher Education program and the Masters in Counselor Education program, to assist Career Center staff with various duties. The Career Center also serves as a practicum site (similar to an internship for graduate credit) for master’s degree candidates interested in student services.