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Presenting Your References

During the job and internship process, typically, you will be asked to submit the names and contact information of at least three references. Here are a few key points to remember when choosing references and creating your references page:

  • Create a separate reference page using the SAME heading as your resume and cover letter.
  • List the following for each reference:
    • Name
    • Title
    • Employer
    • Work Address
    • Phone Number
    • E-mail
  • Try to stick with professional or academic references (faculty, administrators, advisors, current/former employers, coworkers, or team members) and only use personal references as a last resort.
  • Choose a person who will be able to share informed and positive comments about your character, work ethic, and potential.
  • ALWAYS ask permission before listing someone as a reference. Do so formally via e-mail and include your resume even if you discussed it in person.
  • Always remember to send a thank-you note to your references and to keep them updated on your job search.
  • Stay in touch! You never know when you might need their assistance again in the future.


Sample Reference Page