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Career Center
University of Mississippi

Career Infusion Activities

One of the primary goals of the Career Center at the University of Mississippi is to assist with connecting academics to career development. These career infusion activities are meant to help academic departments meet graduate outcome goals related to career development as part of their department’s strategic plans. These assignments can be implemented directly into a curriculum or modified to meet specific requirements. Each activity is equipped with an introduction, learning outcomes, connections to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Career Competencies, multiple resources, rubrics (if applicable) and action items.

The University of Mississippi is committed to helping every student establish a strong foundation for career success following graduation. Integrating these career infusion activities can help to set that foundation to engage students in their academic and career journey.




Career Exploration

This activity encourages students to explore and identify a career pathway that fits their skills, values, experiences, and aspirations. Even if a student is sure of their career path, this activity will help the student explore possible careers within their chosen field.


  • Students will demonstrate a broader understanding of potential career paths in their selected field of study
  • Students will build skills in navigating at least three online career resources and document their use


Creating a Professional Resume

This activity gives students the chance to learn what is a professional resume and to create one of their own.


  • Students will produce a professional resume suitable for use in pursuing internships, co-ops, and/or other experiential education opportunities.
  • Students will understand how to use various resources to build and update their professional resume.


Informational Interviewing

This activity allows students to gain valuable experience learning about a potential career and to network with current employers. Informational interviewing is an excellent way for students to learn more about a potential career path and discover possible experiential learning opportunities.


  • Students will demonstrate the ability to connect with a professional in a field of potential career interest.
  • Students will produce evidence of developing thoughtful questions to elicit personally meaningful insight into field of interest.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to write a professionally acceptable thank-you letter.
  • Students will articulate in writing knowledge and insight gained into career field of interest.


Collaborative Concept Mapping

Through Concept Mapping, this activity encourages students to visually show the relationships between different concepts or ideas by connecting their classroom learning to their future careers.


  • Students will work in groups to brainstorm and generate ideas to provide a visual breakdown of concepts learned using circles, boxes, connecting lines, label arrows, etc.
  • Students will demonstrate marketable skills (teamwork, problem-solving, communication, and analytical reasoning) to provide a method to understand how different concept can be related and affect each other.



Linking Learning Outcomes to the Professional World

This written activity helps students connect their learning on a specific subject area topic to their future career aspirations.


  • Students will be able to connect what they have learned about Tibetan society to their personal ways of communicating, interacting, or completing tasks.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to connect their learning and career skills to the NACE Career Competencies.


SuperStrong Activities

The SuperStrong is designed to identify students’ interests and determine how those interests match up with those of individuals in a multitude of different occupations and majors. The SuperStrong Assessment is given through the VitaNavisplatform that is designed as a life-long career and education decision support system for students. The VitaNavis platform has the functionality to integrate various data sets to create informative student experiences that helps students identify their interests and extends their understanding of how interests can support academic and career success. To learn more about the SuperStrong Assessment view our Fact Sheet here.

The SuperStrong Assessment can be taken by simply following this link:

The Career Center team has created three different activities that can be used with students after they have taken the SuperStrong Assessment.