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What is a 30-Second Commercial or Elevator Pitch?

Your 30-Second Commercial or Elevator Pitch is an introduction that is typically around 30-60 seconds and contains more about your background, qualifications, and skills. Ultimately, it is how you can quickly and concisely introduce yourself to a potential employer. A 30-second commercial is a personal blurb that sums up the “professional you” and can be delivered quickly.


What to Include in Your Commercial

  • Academic Information
    • Major/concentration, classification or graduation date, minor
  • Relevant Experiences
    • Jobs, internships, leadership, volunteering, shadowing, other involvement
  • Skills
    • Job specific, transferable, technical, language
  • Career goals/interests
    • Relate this to the company or contact


How to Write Your Commercial

First sentence

  • For students and new graduates, include your name, your school, your degree and major.
  • More experienced individuals may want to introduce themselves and then begin with the middle sentence.

Middle Sentences

  • State your relevant experience.
  • For example: your employer, role, the skills you used and developed, accomplishments and results you are proud of, and your future career goals.

Last Sentence

  • Briefly relay how your background might benefit the listener.
  • Ask for their suggestions about who else you might speak with for advice regarding your career goals.
  • For example, “Do you have any advice for me as I prepare for my career in (your field), or could you suggest someone else that I should contact?”


Sample 30-Second Commercial