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Student Employment

Job Location and Development Program

The Job Location and Development Program (JLD), a program partially funded by the federal government, helps students obtain part-time, off-campus employment in the Oxford area. Local businesses contact the Career Center to advertise listings for part-time jobs. Positions are posted within our career management system, Handshake.

To prepare for the job search and discuss best practices, schedule an appointment with a staff member by logging in to Handshake by clicking HERE.

Follow these instructions to schedule your appointment!

  1. After logging in to Handshake, click “Career Center” from the top menu bar.
  2. Click “Appointments”
  3. Click “Schedule a New Appointment”
  4. Book your appointment!

Other Student Employment

How to find jobs on campus.

Option No. 1

A good place to start is to visit the departments where you would like to work. Ask the people in charge if they have any openings and if you can complete a job application.

Option No. 2

Visit to view any student job openings. For more information about student jobs on the University of Mississippi campus, please visit