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The Career Center offers student career-assessment services, namely TypeFocus, the Strong Interest Inventory, and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Descriptions of these assessments can be found below. When students call or walk in to take the paid assessments to help resolve career-planning issues, they are first referred to a career counselor for individual assistance. Our counselors will discuss the student’s needs prior to assessment to determine if assessment would benefit the student. Appointments should be scheduled for one hour.


Paid Assessments (Meeting with a counselor beforehand is required.)


Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI):

Cost: $25 for Students / $30 for Alumni

The MBTI helps students better understand their personality and preferences by potentially providing insight into how we receive, organize and act on information. After meeting with a counselor and paying, you will receive instructions to access the MBTI log-in page and take the assessment. A follow-up meeting will be scheduled with your counselor to receive your results and interpretation.


Free Assessments (Meeting with a counselor is optional.)

SuperStrong Assessment:

The SuperStrong is designed to identify students’ interests and determine how those interests match up with those of individuals in a multitude of different occupations and majors. The SuperStrong Assessment is given through the VitaNavis platform that is designed as a life-long career and education decision support system for students. The VitaNavis platform has the functionality to integrate various data sets to create informative student experiences that help students understand themselves and their many options in life. Read more about how discovering your interests can help link you to career paths in the article What Makes Interests So Interesting?


Are you interested in taking this assessment through the Career Center?

All you need to do is follow the link below, create your free account, and complete the assessment to discover more about your potential major and career paths!

Follow this link to get started:

Career Center SuperStrong Assessment

Access Code: olemiss-career